The Why

Despite growing up in Silicon Valley, our founder Donna lacked an innate grasp of consumer tech. After an uninspiring summer internship at a global tech giant, she escaped Silicon Valley for an international career in marketing, while living and working in New York City, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Paris and now London. Technology eventually caught up with her when she found herself working for a small tech company surrounded by many smart apps and tools with which she was unfamiliar but the “digital natives” all around her seemed to grasp intuitively. While she still doesn’t consider herself a technophile and is far from being an expert, with time and patience she continually embraces new smart tools which can streamline work and personal life and is keen to help those who are one or two steps behind her on the learning curve.

She started Gransplain when she recognized the frustration many friends and family experience as they struggle to learn the increasing abundance of tech platforms that are now part of the fabric of modern life. Her goal is to help at least 1,000 people benefit from one or more tech tips, thereby making tasks easier and feeling included in today’s digital age. You can help achieve this goal by sharing this site with someone who might benefit.

The Who

Hopefully you! It’s for anyone who could benefit from step-by-step, granular instructions (like you might ‘explain it to your granny’) with accompanying screenshots that make it simple to embrace everyday technology. If you feel awkward navigating on a video conference or can’t remember the steps in ordering a gift card on Amazon, this site is for you. We will cover the things you would like to do with the technology you already own. If you are tired of having your tech-proficient family members lean over your keyboard or grab your smartphone from your grasp to do it for you, this is the place where you can easily do it yourself. Now imagine their surprised faces….

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