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Text With Effect

You can’t dial back the years to be a teenager again, but what you can do is add effects to your texts like the digital natives do. This is one of those tricks that is dead easy but you’d be unlikely to stumble upon how to do so. How to Add Text Effects Type yourContinue reading “Text With Effect”

Winning at Happy & Well

What can we mean by “Winning at Happy & Well”? Quite simply, it means that as you go through life, do you want to be both healthy and happy? Presumably, yes! If we take a scientific look at how to achieve this, the conclusive answers how to do so are consistent across peer-reviewed studies. TheContinue reading “Winning at Happy & Well”

How to Embed a Link

If you’ve benefited from web hyperlinks embedded into the body of text but don’t know how to do that yourself, you may be surprised how easy it it. Not only will it take mere seconds to set up, but it looks a whole lot neater and more professional to opt for an embedded hyperlink vsContinue reading “How to Embed a Link”

What’s the Wordle?

It seems that from out of the blue, suddenly everyone is talking about and sharing their Wordle scores. If the sight of the score pyramid of different colored tiles leaves you mystified, read this short post explaining what it is, why it’s so addictive and how you can join (if you wish). What is Wordle?Continue reading “What’s the Wordle?”

How Wobbly is Your Walk?

Exactly how goofy is your gait? And should you care? Besides affecting the wear and tear on our shoes, uneven or unsteady walking can make us more prone for a fall. Identifying low steadiness may be indicative of higher likelihood of falling over the next 12 months and might be a good reason to checkContinue reading “How Wobbly is Your Walk?”


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