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The Basics of Taking Time-Lapse Video on your iPhone

Time-lapse is a popular technique used to make something appear to have taken place much more quickly than it actually did. By shooting a series of photographs in quick succession depicting a scene that normally changes slowly over time and then speeding up the playback, you can make the action appear to occur unnaturally quickly.Continue reading “The Basics of Taking Time-Lapse Video on your iPhone”

The Freedom of Paperless

Having just sorted through a few years of various till receipts and several old financial statements, I’m especially thankful to have embraced paperless some years ago. If you haven’t already done so, below you’ll find some objective reasons why you should consider it. I still remember when first offered the option, I was dubious. FairContinue reading “The Freedom of Paperless”

The Basics of Taking Portrait Pictures on Your iPhone

With an iPhone in your hand and a few simple pointers learned below, you can take beautiful portraits of your favorite people, pets and objects. Basics of Taking Pictures Using Portrait Mode As mentioned in our previous post on the basics for taking photos on your iPhone, (see link here), Portrait mode does not referContinue reading “The Basics of Taking Portrait Pictures on Your iPhone”

The Basics of Taking Panoramic Photos on your iPhone

Your iPhone makes it easy to take interesting photos beyond the standard options. For example, you can capture the entire sweep of your favorite beach or a stunning view from a vantage point. (If you’re looking for the basics on taking standard photos in your iPhone, you’ll find those in the previous post, with theContinue reading “The Basics of Taking Panoramic Photos on your iPhone”

How to Buy a gift on Amazon

Amazon is now the largest retailer in the world and for good reason… they have an enormous breadth of merchandise and make browsing and buying easier than many other retailers. With just a few pointers it’s easy to get started, find the perfect gift and have it delivered to your recipient. Getting Started On yourContinue reading “How to Buy a gift on Amazon”

Turn Up the Volume!

I remember one time at a very buzzy tequila bar with my husband, I complained to him I couldn’t hear anything he was saying because the music was too loud. He laughed and pointed out a sign behind me that said “If the music’s too loud, you’re too old!” Nowadays it’s more likely that it’sContinue reading “Turn Up the Volume!”

Incognito Browsing

Why on earth would you ever want to browse incognito, or “privately” as it’s also called? Isn’t that only for people looking to do naughty or even illegal things online? No, not at all! There are plenty of perfectly valid reasons you may on occasion want to search for something online and not leave aContinue reading “Incognito Browsing”


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