How to Share your Location on iPhone

There are numerous situations where you may want to temporarily share where you are (or at least where your iPhone is)… when you are enroute to meet up with someone, you’re expecting to be out alone late at night or anytime you want to avoid the need to send updates as to your location. 

The iPhone has made this simple and stress-free without the need to interrupt what you’re doing to inform others of your whereabouts.  The person or people you elect to see your location must also be iPhone users.  You choose with whom to share your location, and this is not automatically reciprocal.  They must in turn choose if they want to share their location with you.

Rest assured they won’t receive unwanted notifications updating them of your whereabouts.  Rather they will need to check the “Find My” app in order to see where you are on a map. The “Find My” app comes as standard on iPhones and looks like this:

If you can’t see it on your home screen, you can search for it by gently pulling down from anywhere in the middle (not top corners) of your home screen to get the Search text field.  If instead you see your notifications, you’ve swiped from the top vigorously.  Swipe back to home screen and try again more gently from further down the screen.

In the Search bar, type “Find My”.  Tick on the “People” tab (see bottom of screen).  You should see a list of the people whom you are following (because they gave you permission).  Below the list you should see a “+ Share My Location” in blue text.  Tap that gently and a list of your frequent contacts should appear.  You may either choose people from that list or add someone by tapping the “+” icon on top right, whereby your complete address list should appear.  You can also type in the name or a mobile phone number into the field to add.

Once you choose a contact with whom to share your location, you will be prompted to choose for how long to make your whereabouts visible to them.  Your choices are:

Share for One Hour

Share Until End of Day

Share Indefinitely

Select “OK”.

You are able to turn off the share feature at any time, so if you are unsure for how long you will want to share, simply choose “End of Day” or “Indefinitely” and then remember to turn off when no longer desired.

If you want to stop sharing your whereabouts, go to Find My, select the person, then toward the bottom of the screen choose “Stop Sharing My Location”.  This will keep them on your list so that you can easily re-enable sharing with them in the future. Alternatively you can also remove that person from your list if you won’t be sharing with them soon or ever.

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