3 Wise Gifts to Improve the Tech You Already Own

Stuck for gift ideas for friends and family? Or want to avoid being gifted yet another pair of novelty socks? Here you’ll find ideas for gifts fitting nearly any budget that will help you get the most out of technology already owned. Untether Yourself from Your Charger Outlet Stay productive while you charge your smartphoneContinue reading “3 Wise Gifts to Improve the Tech You Already Own”

Hey, Siri, which planes are overhead?

Did you realize that with an iPhone, you can know which planes are flying over your head at any given moment just by uttering those 6 words? Not life changing, but pretty interesting. And it makes you realize just how much information we have access to now in the palm of our hand. Why notContinue reading “Hey, Siri, which planes are overhead?”

Live a Longer, Happier Life & How Technology Can Help (Part 2)

If you missed the first part of the series, you can find that here. In this section we’ll continue exploring the top 20 factors that lead to a longer, happier life (from #15 to #11) and how technology might help us implement them. 15 – Exercise More No prizes for guessing this would be includedContinue reading “Live a Longer, Happier Life & How Technology Can Help (Part 2)”

Live a Longer, Happier Life and How Technology can Help (Part 1)

At first it may seem counterintuitive. Sure, it’s clear how technology can save lives and help us monitor our health. But does tech make us happier? Or is it responsible for just the opposite? The answer is that it can do either, and it’s up to us how we use it. Here I wanted toContinue reading “Live a Longer, Happier Life and How Technology can Help (Part 1)”

How to Attach a Photo from your iPhone into an Email

How to attach a photo from a smartphone is one of the questions I get asked most frequently. Luckily it’s also one of the easiest things to learn! There are two ways to do this wholly from your iPhone, and the difference will depend which starting point you prefer. We’ll cover both. Starting from theContinue reading “How to Attach a Photo from your iPhone into an Email”

3 Easy Steps to Using FaceTime

What is FaceTime anyway? It’s a communication platform developed and provided by Apple (not Facebook) that allows you to make video or audio-only calls for free. Why is it free? Because it uses high speed data instead of traditional or cellular phone service, there is no cost other than using your allotted data allowance (minutes),Continue reading “3 Easy Steps to Using FaceTime”

The Basics of Taking Time-Lapse Video on your iPhone

Time-lapse is a popular technique used to make something appear to have taken place much more quickly than it actually did. By shooting a series of photographs in quick succession depicting a scene that normally changes slowly over time and then speeding up the playback, you can make the action appear to occur unnaturally quickly.Continue reading “The Basics of Taking Time-Lapse Video on your iPhone”

The Basics for Taking Slo-Mo Videos

Using the slow motion feature on your iPhone can result in really interesting, quirky or even hilarious videos and single frame photos. Who doesn’t enjoy watching a dog catch a frisbee then do an unplanned tuck ‘n’ roll? Or the contorted expression on your beloved’s face when sneezing? If you missed the earlier post coveringContinue reading “The Basics for Taking Slo-Mo Videos”

The Freedom of Paperless

Having just sorted through a few years of various till receipts and several old financial statements, I’m especially thankful to have embraced paperless some years ago. If you haven’t already done so, below you’ll find some objective reasons why you should consider it. I still remember when first offered the option, I was dubious. FairContinue reading “The Freedom of Paperless”

The Basics of Taking Portrait Pictures on Your iPhone

With an iPhone in your hand and a few simple pointers learned below, you can take beautiful portraits of your favorite people, pets and objects. Basics of Taking Pictures Using Portrait Mode As mentioned in our previous post on the basics for taking photos on your iPhone, (see link here), Portrait mode does not referContinue reading “The Basics of Taking Portrait Pictures on Your iPhone”