How to Order a Giftcard on Amazon

Ordering an Amazon gift card is a quick and easy way to give a gift that nearly everyone will appreciate as they can use it on its own or top it up with other gift cards (or their own funds) to get a more expensive item. Seeing the joy on my teenage children’s faces can attest that this is truly appreciated and often valued more than a physical gift as it allows them to choose what they really desire, when they want it. I’m not saying cash won’t also be welcome, but it can be more of a hassle than gift cards for the younger generation who prefer to buy online.

Start by typing in “” into your search bar.  Note: If you are ordering a gift card for a recipient living in a an non-US country, see separate instructions in the NOTE at end of this post.  (Gift cards for UK residents should be purchased on, for example.)

Find the Gift Card tab.  As shown circled, below, it is found near the top of the screen, just below the type-in search bar. The Amazon homepage changes quite frequently, so it probably won’t have the same images as below, but you should still find the “Gift Cards” tab under their search bar.

Next you will select which form of gift card you’d like to give.  You may choose between a) a physical (plastic) card, which can be mailed directly to your recipient with a note or posted to yourself if you prefer to hand the card to the recipient (for example with a hand-written greeting card or another gift you buy elsewhere).  If you are not sending it to yourself, you will need the recipient’s full postal address.  If you have an Amazon account and have previously sent the recipient any gift from Amazon from this same account, the address information will likely already be stored in your account and accessible from a drop-down menu at a later point in the ordering process.  Of course if they have recently moved, you will need their current address to hand.

b) a paper note that you print at home that includes the unique gift card number. This has the advantage that it’s available to print immediately and makes a good solution to any last-minute gift needs as long as you will be able to hand the voucher in person or post it in time for the occasion. Of course you also need access to a printer.

c) an e-gift card. You will need the recipient’s email address OR mobile phone number.  This option will generate an automatic email to the recipient which includes the unique gift card number for redemption as well as your personalized message.  This is also available immediately if desired. Later in the process you will be able to choose the date the email is sent so no need to worry about ruining the surprise by ordering ahead. 

Next you will select a design, amount, and delivery information.  Below we show the options you will see for an eGift Card (sent by email or text message).

As you will see, the page opens with default options already selected.  Don’t worry, it’s super easy to change these.  First select between an animated (moving) design, one with a photo that you upload or one of Amazon’s many standard (non-animated) designs.  There are several options for most occasions.  If you don’t see what you like in the options on your screen, simply tick the box on the right (circled) that says “See More” and the designs will rotate in a carousel. Once you see one you like, click on it, and it will appear in a larger box on the left.  If you change your mind, simply click on another design from the carousel of options.

  • Now select the amount of the gift card.  $50 is shown as the default amount, but you can either choose one of the other amounts shown by ticking on the box or write in your own amount in the box on the right that says “Enter amount”.
  • Now choose if you want the recipient to receive it via email or as a text message.  Naturally if you choose text message, you will need to provide that number and double-check it is correct. 
  • There may be a default name in the Sender box, but you are free to customize this, for example from “Donna” to “Auntie Donna” or “Your favorite auntie”.
  • You will see there is also a generic default message.  To customize your own, simply put the cursor in the box, erase the existing message then type your own.
  • Make sure the “Quantity” field says “1”, unless you want to send that same person multiple giftcards.
  • Now you can choose the date that they will receive the message and eGift.  Tick the calendar icon (rectangle on the left) and choose a date.  If you need a future month, simply tick on the > arrow (circled), then tick on the desired date.  If you want the gift sent immediately, keep the default option of “Now”.
  • Next, check over everything is as you want, then back near the top of the screen, on the right side, find “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now”.  (Ticking “Add to List” will prompt you to save it to a wish list for a later date rather than buying it now.)  If you want to shop for other items to be sent to the same address, then choose to “Add to Cart” as it’s easier to then continue shopping.  Be aware that Amazon will flood the next page with items to tempt you that are similar to other items you have chosen.  If you are done shopping, then choose “Buy Now”, where you will be taken to payment options.  Be aware that Amazon will encourage you to take up whichever offer they are running.  See below they have offered a $20 gift card for signing up for their own credit card.  Promotions for Amazon Prime (their subscription delivery service) are also common.  Sometimes you will actually have to untick or tick a box if you do not want to buy the subscription!  So please do pay close attention to this screen.

If you already have used one or more payment card options on your Amazon account previously, they should be shown on this page.  Simply tick the one you’d like to pay with and click either of the “Continue” buttons.  If you would like to pay with a different card or method, then select “Add a card” (circled below) under the header “More Payment Options”.

  • Once you hit “Continue”, you may be prompted to re-verify your payment card details.  This is for your own security, but it means you should have your card to hand.
  • Once the payment goes through, you will be shown a confirmation page.  Don’t worry about writing down the long confirmation number as you will also receive an automated email confirmation to your own email tied to your account.  If you don’t want to wait for the email, which should only take a minute or so, you can take a photo or screenshot of the confirmation tab.  If you use a shared computer, it is best to then log out or close the browser page (tab).
  • Congratulations!  You have successfully ordered an Amazon gift card, which should make your recipient both happy and impressed.

NOTE:  If your recipient lives outside the US, check first if the country has its own Amazon site, as you should instead go to that country’s site, especially if your recipient would prefer to shop in their own currency.  For example, if your recipient lives in the UK, go to  If you’re unsure, do a search query (ie Google) “Amazon in Italy” for example.

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