How to Multi-task on the Internet

Often you will find that a task you need to complete has several steps, and this can also be the case when using the Internet as the most efficient way to complete the task.  Using the Internet to complete a task has many similarities to the way we (used to) do things offline.  Only it’sContinue reading “How to Multi-task on the Internet”

How to Share your Location on iPhone

There are numerous situations where you may want to temporarily share where you are (or at least where your iPhone is)… when you are enroute to meet up with someone, you’re expecting to be out alone late at night or anytime you want to avoid the need to send updates as to your location.  TheContinue reading “How to Share your Location on iPhone”

Finding and Listening to Podcasts

You can find podcasts covering nearly every area of interest including life stories, sports, business, politics, spiritualism and lots of other topics. Handily, you can access and listen to podcasts from a number of devices and platforms (directories). Choose your Device(s) The device(s) you choose will depend in part on where you like to doContinue reading “Finding and Listening to Podcasts”