How to Block and Unblock a Caller on your iPhone

If you’ve ever been interrupted by a nuisance call or text on your smartphone, you’ll understand the satisfaction that can be had by subsequently blocking that number from ever calling or texting you again.

Whilst it doesn’t mean you’ll forever be free from every robo-call, scammer or pushy salesperson, you can reduce the number of nuisance contacts by blocking the number they’ve called or texted from.

Likewise in the event someone in your contacts has gone all stalkerish on you, harassing you with unpleasantries, you can block that person from calling or texting you without deleting their contact details.  That way you still have the option to unblock them should they return to polite behavior.

How to block a caller from calling or texting your smartphone

If the number you’d like to block has recently called you, you can find them by going to your “Calls” and selecting “Recents” (see below circled at bottom, left).  Find the number in your call list (it will be at the top if they were the last call), and tick the “I” to bring up the details. 

Scroll down until you find “Block this Caller” (below left, circled) and select it.  There is no extra step such as “Save”.  You can be sure you have blocked them because now the option will read “Unblock this Caller“.  If the person you want to block is already in your contacts, you can also get to this screen by finding them in your Contacts list.  As before, scroll down until “Block this Caller” appears and select.

If you want to Unblock a caller, if for example you have done this in error or you think your contact has come to their senses, simply tick that option again until it reads “Block this Caller”.  Then exit out of the screen by using the back arrow at top left or swiping up from the solid bottom bar at the bottom of your screen.

What happens when someone I’ve blocked tries to text or call me?

If someone you’ve blocked tries to text you, the text will go into thin air.  It will show on their screen but not appear on yours.  You will not be notified that they’ve texted.  They will only realise their text to you was not seen, if they notice it does not say “Delivered” on their screen.   See below a string of (fictional) texts.  Below the middle string of texts in blue bubbles you’ll see the word “Delivered”.  Then the recipient blocked the sender’s number and the last text in a blue bubble does not include the “Delivered” confirmation below (see arrow points to no confirmation message).  

Of course having been blocked is not the only reason someone would see a lack of confirmation.  It could be due to insufficient reception.  So the sender may believe they’ve been blocked but won’t know for sure.

A blocked caller who subsequently tries to call you will get a single ring and then it will go to your voicemail.   Again they can’t be sure they’ve been blocked because this would also occur if you are already speaking on the phone to someone else or you have diverted all calls to voicemail.  When listening to your voicemails, you can easily delete messages from an unwanted number without listening to them. 

We hope the ability to block (and unblock) contacts will give you peace of mind that you’re in control when it comes to using your smartphone.

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