What Your iPhone Status Bar Says About You

On your iPhone, the status bar is the oval serving as background to the time display at the top left. Don’t worry, it’s not there to judge or rate you. Rather, it can appear as one of 4 different colors to show you the status of your phone’s current activity. Here you can quickly checkContinue reading “What Your iPhone Status Bar Says About You”

Quick Set the Timer on your iPhone

Want to access your iPhone’s stopwatch in record time? Here’s a shortcut to set a timer for common increments of time from 1 minute to one hour. How to Access your iPhone Stopwatch, Lickety Split Access your iPhone’s quick menu by swiping down from the top right corner of your screen. The menu should lookContinue reading “Quick Set the Timer on your iPhone”

How to Embed a Link

If you’ve benefited from web hyperlinks embedded into the body of text but don’t know how to do that yourself, you may be surprised how easy it it. Not only will it take mere seconds to set up, but it looks a whole lot neater and more professional to opt for an embedded hyperlink vsContinue reading “How to Embed a Link”

What’s the Wordle?

It seems that from out of the blue, suddenly everyone is talking about and sharing their Wordle scores. If the sight of the score pyramid of different colored tiles leaves you mystified, read this short post explaining what it is, why it’s so addictive and how you can join (if you wish). What is Wordle?Continue reading “What’s the Wordle?”

How Wobbly is Your Walk?

Exactly how goofy is your gait? And should you care? Besides affecting the wear and tear on our shoes, uneven or unsteady walking can make us more prone for a fall. Identifying low steadiness may be indicative of higher likelihood of falling over the next 12 months and might be a good reason to checkContinue reading “How Wobbly is Your Walk?”

How to Call Multiple People at Once on FaceTime

Want to use the conference call or video feature from your Apple device (iPhone or Mac)? It’s super easy to initiate a call with 2 or more people or even add people as needed once you’re mid-conversation. If you are first looking for the basics of how to use FaceTime to make free audio orContinue reading “How to Call Multiple People at Once on FaceTime”

How to Delete a Text Message

If you’ve written a text message that won’t send for some reason (perhaps there’s no connectivity), it can be annoying if it goes out later once there is a connection but perhaps the message now doesn’t make sense. If you no longer want a message to go out, you can delete it. This is alsoContinue reading “How to Delete a Text Message”

Record and Share Voice Memos

There may be times when something important is being said to you, and you know you cannot take notes fast enough to capture the important points. A medical appointment is a good example. Using the voice recordings app that comes pre-loaded on your iPhone, you can easily capture the conversation without sacrificing active listening. ThisContinue reading “Record and Share Voice Memos”