How to Call Multiple People at Once on FaceTime

Want to use the conference call or video feature from your Apple device (iPhone or Mac)? It’s super easy to initiate a call with 2 or more people or even add people as needed once you’re mid-conversation.

If you are first looking for the basics of how to use FaceTime to make free audio or video calls, you’ll find this on a previous post here.

Once you’ve got the basics, you’ll be tempted to create a party on your phone, tablet or laptop by dialing in more contacts.

From your iPhone App

  • Open the app
  • Click the + symbol (without a circle around it) in the top-right corner
  • Type in the names or numbers of the people you’d like to talk to. If they’re in your contact list, their names will come up as you type, and you can click on each name to add them to the call. (See below left)
  • You can also click on the circle with a + inside it to open up your contacts list and select people there. Tap their name to open up the contact then tap their number to add them. (See below middle)
  • Tap the green video button to start a video call or the green audio button to start an audio call. (See below right)

Add Someone to an Existing FaceTime Call using the App

  • Tap the screen
  • Swipe up to pull up the menu
  • Tap “Add Person”
  • Tap + symbol to add someone from your contacts, or type in their name or phone number into the bar at the top and select your desired contact from the results
  • Tap “Add Person to FaceTime”

How to Start a FaceTime Call Using your Mac

You can also make FaceTime audio and video calls from your Mac, as long as you’re running macOS Mojave 10.14.3 or later. You’ll need to be logged in using your Apple ID as well.

  • Open up FaceTime
  • In the search bar, type the names, phone numbers, or email addresses of the people you want to speak with.
  • Click the video or audio icon, depending on what kind of call you want to make
  • You’ll have to press the video or audio button in the bottom-left of the screen to start the call
  • This will send the notification to the people you’ve selected. They’ll then need to click on that notification, which will take them to another screen, where they can press the button to join.
  • If the people you’ve contacted aren’t responding and you want to give them a nudge, on the bottom-left corner, click on the button showing a window with a sidebar. This will show you who has been invited to be a part of the call. Press “Ring” to automatically open up the call screen on their phone. They can choose to accept the call from there.

Add Someone to an Existing FaceTime Call using Mac

  • In the lower-left corner of the screen, click the button that looks like a window with a sidebar.
  • Click “Add Person”.
  • Type in the name, number, or email of the person you want to join.
  • Click “Add”.

Why not give it a try now? Imagine the delight when your loved ones get to catch up with not only you, but the other person(s), too!

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