Save Memory and Time with One Tab

Do you tend to keep open many browser tabs (website pages) at any one time? Perhaps like me you are working on several projects at once and prefer not to have to go back and fetch the pages helping you do so every time you toggle between tasks.

In last week’s post, we showed how to bookmark all open tabs at one time. For those who need to do this frequently, there is a faster way – with One Tab.

What is One Tab?

One Tab is a free Chrome (browser) add-in or extension that saves up to 95% memory and reduces clutter. Want to know more?

The OneTab extension converts all the open tabs to a single tab of bookmarks. This reduces Chrome’s memory use from a typical 1-2GB, to around 100MB. If you’re operating near capacity, this can make a difference in your computer reaction time.

How to Use One Tab

Go to One Tab site. You can use the link above or type There follow the easy prompts to install the extension. It takes only a few seconds.

Once installed, you will then be able to find it (and any other Chrome extensions you have installed) simply by tapping on the icon in the shape of a jigsaw puzzle piece at the top right of your screen.

Likewise, it’s easy to remove One Tab if you wish…just right-click the icon and select “Remove from Chrome”. If your computer is running slowly and you think that may be due in part to the many browser tabs you have open, simply go into your Chrome extensions and tap “One Tab”. Immediately the tabs will consolidate into a single tab, identifiable on the tab by the One Tab icon . Here I have a confession… with my imperfect vision and the small size on the tab, I thought this was actually a “V” and wondered what that had to do with the name. Now I see it’s a funnel, which makes more sense!

Tap on the tab with that icon, and you will see a very easy-to-scan vertical list of all the tabs you have just consolidated with the extension. So much easier than hovering over each open tab to see which one contains the information you’re looking for at the moment.

Individual links on the OneTab page can be restored by clicking on them, or they can all be restored by clicking “Restore All” (see below). 

If you choose “More” (see last option on right, above), you can name the group of tabs, for example, with the date or project name.

It doesn’t matter if you close the OneTab tab or close the browser because the extension will keep the aggregated set of tabs, and the latest stack is loaded when you restart the browser. Simple.

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