Control and Convenience

Most of us tend to want a couple things from their technology – convenience of doing things easier and faster and a sense of being in control of the tech rather than feeling confused by it.

To that end, there have been 3 topics readers have found most valuable here.

  1. How to maximize their smartphone’s productivity by getting more out of the battery… each charge as well as with the battery life overall. If you’d like top tips on how to assess your battery performance and get more done with every charge, you can find top tips here.
  2. Stop losing time searching for important information you received awhile back in a text or Whatsapp message. It’s easier than you think once you know this simple trick.
  3. And who hasn’t been frustrated when typing out a message and seemingly being unable to put the cursor where you need it to correct something? It’s almost as if the cursor is mocking our attempts. You can easily show it who’s boss (you are!) with this quick tip.

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