Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone, Laptop and Tablet Batteries

One of our most popular posts focused on tips to assess your smartphone battery and keep it at its peak. If you missed it, you can find those tips here.

Getting More from a Single Charge

There are a number of ways you can help maximize the longevity of the charge on your iPhone or Android smartphone battery.

  • Use your WiFi instead of mobile data. Double good idea if you pay for your data above and beyond your package.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and GPS when not needed.
  • Lower your screen timeout. This is how long your screen stays illuminated before going to resting (dark) mode. See if 30 seconds meets your needs. You can always adjust it higher if it doesn’t allow for the time you need.
  • Instead of turning your tablet off then powering it back up, set it to rest mode.
  • Check which of your apps use the most power so you can turn off those you don’t need.
  • Disable auto-sync for apps you don’t use often. Delete or offload any apps you no longer use.
  • Turn on airplane mode (Data and WiFi off) when you’re working offline and won’t need connectivity.
  • Change your email settings to “sync less often”.
  • Lower your screen brightness. The easiest way to do this is by swiping down from top right corner of your home screen. Find the brightness control (sun icon) just to the right of the middle of your screen. Slide your finger downward until you can still comfortably see the screen but it’s emitting only the brightness needed.
  • Disable push notifications and location tracking.
  • Block ads during web browsing. A great idea for many reasons!

Getting More over the Life of Your Battery

In addition, there are several things you can do to extend battery life.

  • Keep your device out of the hot sun, other extreme heat or cold. It’s best to keep it between 42 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (6 and 29 degrees Celsius).
  • Don’t allow your device to reach 0% battery charge. Try to keep it at proper charge levels — somewhere between 40% and 80%. The 20% warning (red battery symbol and pop up message) should help you control this.
  • Turn off your device at least once per week. Hands up if you’re guilty of forgetting this advice (me)!
  • Allow your laptop to discharge regularly by unplugging while using it for awhile. Keeping it perpetually on charge will erode the battery life over time.

With a little investment in time, you’ll find you can extend the health of your batteries as well as cutting down on landfill waste.

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