Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone, Laptop and Tablet Batteries

One of our most popular posts focused on tips to assess your smartphone battery and keep it at its peak. If you missed it, you can find those tips here. Getting More from a Single Charge There are a number of ways you can help maximize the longevity of the charge on your iPhone orContinue reading “Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone, Laptop and Tablet Batteries”

Using Google Maps to Track Friends

Does that sound ominous or nefarious? We’re not talking about surveillance but rather using technology for good. In this case sharing your location with a friend so that you can more efficiently meet up or so that they can confirm you’re safely enroute home when you’re traveling alone. If you want to track someone orContinue reading “Using Google Maps to Track Friends”

What’s Up with NextGen TV?

NextGen TV is starting to roll out to a number of countries including the US and UK. It’s already a reality in others, particularly in Asia. What does this mean for you now? What is NextGen TV? ATSC 3.0 is the technical name of what’s been branded as NextGen TV. The headline feature of NextGenContinue reading “What’s Up with NextGen TV?”