How to Add Stickers to Your iMessages

What are Text Stickers?

Stickers are similar to Emojis except they’re often more detailed and somewhat more adaptable. They can be nearly any image and some have cute messages integrated into the image.

Adding Sticker Functionality for Texts on iPhone

You may find you already have pre-loaded some free sticker packs. (The above examples were free.) Otherwise you can download sticker sets you choose through the iMessage App Store (not iTunes). It is easy to access through iMessage.

1.Open iMessage on your iPhone.

2. Open a chat and select the “A” icon to the left of the text box. (See below, left.)

3. Select the icon of three gray circles. You may need to scroll down or over to locate it. (See above, right.)

4. Select the “+” icon to go to the iMessage App Store.

5. Select the stickers you want to add and install them with the side button. As mentioned, some packs are premium and require payment. iMessage App Store will use the same payment method you set up for iTunes, so you merely need to agree to the transaction itself.

How to Apply a Sticker to a Text on iPhone

1. Open a new message.

2. Select the dropdown menu next to the chatbox and then the “A” icon. (See above, left.)

3. Select the three gray circle icon to access your stickers. (See above, right).

4. Select the desired sticker (you may need to scroll over to see all options) and add it to the message.

5. Select the blue “up” arrow to send it. Or type out the rest of your message as desired and send as usual. See below (left with blue arrow, right once sent).

    Do you prefer to add the sticker as an overlay instead? Tap and hold your sticker and drag and drop where you want it to appear in the message. If you want to overlay a sticker on top of an image, add that first and then go to stickers and follow the above instructions to drag and drop where desired.

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