Twitter Overview

Twitter has dominated the business news in recent days and weeks, having been purchased then shaken up by the world’s richest (and some might say quirkiest) man, Elon Musk. You might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Below you’ll find an overview of what Twitter is as well as where and why it’s popular.

Who Uses Twitter?

The country with the most Twitter users is the United States with nearly 78 million users. The other countries comprising the top five in terms of active users are Japan, India, Brazil, and the United Kingdom:

  • United States: 77.8 million
  • Japan: 58.2 million
  • India: 24.5 million
  • Brazil: 19 million
  • United Kingdom: 19 million

Although Twitter users run across the span of age groups, 25-34 years olds make up 38.5% of Twitter’s user base, the same figure as all those 35+ combined. Other individual age groups range from just under 7% to 21%. (Source: Statista 2022)

  • 13-17 year olds: 6.6% of users
  • 18-24 year olds: 17.1% of users
  • 25-34 year olds: 38.5% of users
  • 35-49 year olds: 20.7% of users
  • 50+ year olds: 17.1% of users

It Can Be a Boys’ Club

Twitter’s logo may be a bird, but the social media platform skews heavily male. Counter to Facebook, where there are more females than males, here males make up over 70% of Twitter’s users, while under 30% are female. When considering only users in the UK, the gap between genders is narrower, with 58.5% male and 41.5% female.

What’s Twitter For?

Unlike many other social media channels, the main reason for using Twitter is to get news. Here’s an overview of how people in the US at least are currently using Twitter:

  • 48% to get news
  • 48% to get entertainment
  • 34% to keep in contact with family and friends
  • 33% to follow brands/companies
  • 14% to strengthen their professional network
  • 12% for other purposes

Who Tweets?

The short answer is very few users actually post (called a “tweet”). In fact, research shows that only 10% of Twitter users are responsible for 92% of all tweets from U.S. users. Most users only tweet once per month on average. That means most people are visiting Twitter to read, rather than create. This makes sense when you take into account the figures above showing most are using the platform to get news or be entertained.

If you’d like to try out Twitter, we’ll be covering the basics of how to get started in an upcoming post. So be sure to subscribe below in order to get this and other future posts directly in your inbox.

If you’d like greater depth on this subject, head over to this article.

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