Making it to 100

This is our 100th post, so it made sense to look at how technology can help guide you to achieving 100 (years). Before we do so, a big “thank you” to you for your readership, whether this is the first or 100th post you’ve read.

Technology and Healthspan

Technological advances in recent years have proven amazing in helping us audit and track key factors that promote a longer healthspan. There are multiple wearable monitors that act as a dashboard for your body.

Since I’ve got no background in medical science, I turn to experts who are validated by academia and dedicated to this area of research. Today I want to recommend the podcast Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair, a lecturer and researcher at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Sinclair has published a short podcast series, which is available at no cost. You can find it on a number of listening platforms. Here is a link to his 8th and final episode of the first series called “Biotracking, Age Reversal & Other Health Technologies”, where he and a professor of journalism discuss wearable sensors and biological age measurements.

Other episodes cover the science behind why we age (ep 1), what and when to eat for longevity (Ep 2), the science of keeping the brain healthy (7th) as well as other relevant topics for low or no-cost ways to improve your chances of living healthy for longer. While there are unfortunately no guarantees for making it to a healthy 100, why not make yourself familiar with the recent advances that science has shown can help us toward that goal?

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