Happy 2nd Birthday, Gransplain

To celebrate completing two years of publishing this blog, today we are taking a look back at the most popular post for each of the 2 past years. In the past 12 months, the most read and liked post has been “Winning at Happy & Well”, which reveals the findings of a Harvard Medical SchoolContinue reading “Happy 2nd Birthday, Gransplain”

Making it to 100

This is our 100th post, so it made sense to look at how technology can help guide you to achieving 100 (years). Before we do so, a big “thank you” to you for your readership, whether this is the first or 100th post you’ve read. Technology and Healthspan Technological advances in recent years have provenContinue reading “Making it to 100”

Keep Track of Your Medications on iPhone

If you have found that the number of medications you need to take has surpassed your ability to keep track from sheer memory, it might be time for a better way. My Dad used to have a growing list of medicines and dosages on a typed list he printed out and kept in his wallet,Continue reading “Keep Track of Your Medications on iPhone”

Winning at Happy & Well

What can we mean by “Winning at Happy & Well”? Quite simply, it means that as you go through life, do you want to be both healthy and happy? Presumably, yes! If we take a scientific look at how to achieve this, the conclusive answers how to do so are consistent across peer-reviewed studies. TheContinue reading “Winning at Happy & Well”