How to Embed a Link

If you’ve benefited from web hyperlinks embedded into the body of text but don’t know how to do that yourself, you may be surprised how easy it it. Not only will it take mere seconds to set up, but it looks a whole lot neater and more professional to opt for an embedded hyperlink vs having a long string of nonsense text as a link in the middle of your message.

What is an Embedded Web Link?

An embedded hyperlink is when you have text of your choice acting as the link vs showing the actual URL. For example, instead of showing the link as, it is instead displayed as Gransplain. This can be especially helpful when the URL has a long name such as a particular article like

How to Create a Hyperlink to a Web Location

Type the word or words you would like to contain the link then select them. At this point you can use your keyboard to bring up the hyperlink box with Ctrl+K. If you’re using Word, it will look like the image below.

The cursor is ready for you to input the source address. Go to and select the URL (web address), text or picture that you want to display as a hyperlink. For example if you want to embed a web page, go to that page and copy the URL from the address bar. And drop it into the hyperlink box where the cursor is shown above.

Alternatively, if you are using your mouse or trackpad instead, go to the word or words in which you want to embed the link and choose them by highlighting then right click to show the drop down box as below. Choose “Link” (also circled in yellow below). This will bring up the Insert Hyperlink box you saw above. Now paste your link in the Address box. You can do this by right clicking again and choosing “Paste” (or by using the your keyboard Ctrl+V).

That’s it, you’ve embedded your hyperlink. You can check that it’s there by going to the word or words containing the link. They should now be underlined in blue. If you hover over the word(s) – without clicking – it should display instructions to follow the link (see image below).

Removing or Editing a Hyperlink

If you’ve made a mistake or want to delete or edit a hyperlink, this is easy, too. Simply select the word containing the link and again right click on it. You’ll see the dropdown menu similar to the below, and simply choose Edit or Remove, as appropriate (circled in yellow).

Now you know how to add, edit or remove hyperlinks as embedded text. Brilliant you! If you found this post useful, please let us know by voting below. If you’d like to receive automatically into your email inbox weekly posts on using the technology you already own, simply add your email address into the box below and hit “Subscribe”. It’s completely free and we will always keep your details just between us.


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