Text With Effect

You can’t dial back the years to be a teenager again, but what you can do is add effects to your texts like the digital natives do. This is one of those tricks that is dead easy but you’d be unlikely to stumble upon how to do so.

How to Add Text Effects

Type your message as you normally would.

Instead of tapping “Send”, hold down the Send key.

A vertical bubble will appear on top and to the right of your draft message. Now you’ll have your choice of some fun effects. You can explore each before choosing one.

Slam – slaps down the message, including jiggling a previously sent message on screen.

Loud – jiggles the message before landing.

Gentle – starts tiny and grows to normal font size.

Invisible Ink (my fave) – delivers illegible twinkling dots. Recipient (and sender) needs to know to swipe on it to reveal the message.

When you’ve chosen and are ready to send the message, tap the corresponding up arrow in blue circle. Alternatively, if none of the effects are right for your message, instead simply tap the grey “x”, and you’ll return to your draft, which you can send as normal.

Imagine how impressed your teenage friends or family members will be to receive a text from you with punch!

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