Lots and Lots of Texts

Are you someone who sends one long text vs multiple shorter ones in a row? I thought so. Have you ever noticed it seems that friends and family who are under 30 seem instead to send a barrage of short texts of one sentence or sometimes one word each? As your phone pings 4, 5Continue reading “Lots and Lots of Texts”

Attaching Photos to Messages

Whether you’re looking to attach a photo to a text message or use another messaging app like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, adding a picture is easy. Here we’ll review the simple steps as well as help with troubleshooting just in case. Adding a Photo to a Text Message The first thing to do is decideContinue reading “Attaching Photos to Messages”

Double-tap Trick

Here’s a nifty little tip that will save you a few seconds but guaranteed once you try it, you’ll be using it nearly every time you send a message. Anyone else find it slightly annoying when typing a message that in order to add a period/full stop, you have to shift in order to accessContinue reading “Double-tap Trick”