How to Check Spelling & Grammar on your Computer

You may already have automatic grammar and spelling check set up when using a program like Word. If you’re not sure, you can quickly try purposefully writing an incorrect word or sentence and see if a colored underline appears or a pop-up box suggesting an edit. How to Turn Automatic Proofing On or Off IfContinue reading “How to Check Spelling & Grammar on your Computer”

Accelerated Excel Tips (Part 2)

Excel is a simple and handy way to keep data in an order so that it’s easy to find the information you need to make decisions. If you missed the first 3 basic tips, you can find them here. Now we’ll take you through 2 more related tips to get more out of your ExcelContinue reading “Accelerated Excel Tips (Part 2)”

Accelerated Excel Tricks (Part 1)

Whether you use Excel frequently or only once in awhile, it’s useful to discover tricks to help you quickly get the professional spreadsheet you’re after. Here are just 3 basics to easily make use of the program for your purposes. Sometimes you may have a list of data that is randomized, i.e. is not organizedContinue reading “Accelerated Excel Tricks (Part 1)”