Easy Shortcut to correct text typos on iPhone or iPad

You’re about to hit “Send” on your text when you notice one or more typos.  Perhaps it’s auto-correct wreaking havoc again or simply a matter of a clumsy thumb.  Either way you realize you’ll cause more confusion than clarity if you send it as is.

Do you ever struggle getting the cursor to the right spot so that you can erase and re-type the incorrect word?  Sometimes you just need to change one letter, for example making a capital into a lower case….like when my autocorrect keeps changing “May I be frank?” into “May I be Frank?”.  Er, no, I’m not changing name nor gender just now, thank you.

Or annoyingly the cursor seems to be on the offending word, but when you release your thumb, suddenly the cursor is really on the line below.  So you have to start over….

This super quick tip will make it easy for you to clean up your typos before sending a text (or email) on your phone and also allow a more fluid conversation via text as you won’t have long pauses between when you receive a message and are able to reply without typos.

Whilst on your un-sent message, hold down the space bar on your keypad see first diagram below.

When you hold down (not tap) the space bar, the keypad will turn grey (see screenshot below). This is to signal it has become a trackpad!

Using your finger to slide around the trackpad (internal mouse), you’ll easily be able to position the cursor correctly within the text box above.  You may prefer to position the cursor at the end of the mis-spelt word and erase and re-type from there.  Once you release your tracking finger, the trackpad will automatically revert to a keyboard.

Alternatively, you can land the cursor within the mis-spelt word and predictive text feature will propose replacements.  If you find what you’re looking for, as we did in our example, (see diagram below) simply choose it by tapping on it.

With this shortcut feature, you’ll find texting just got quicker and easier.    And bonus, this tip also works when typing an email using your smartphone’s keyboard/keypad!

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