How to Find Time Stamps on Your Texts

When you need to know what time a text was sent (either by you or someone else), sometimes the time is shown automatically and sometimes it’s not. There’s a ridiculously simple way to see exactly when an individual text was sent.

In the below image, we can see that the conversation was started at 19:53 on that particular day. However it would be wrong to assume the entire string was written at 19:53. In this case, since the sender first says “now” then updates to say “15 minutes” and then “3 minutes”, it could be confusing to know at which time they could be expected.

By simply swiping left and holding momentarily, the exact time of each message will be revealed to the right of the message bubble (see below).

We now see that although the conversation string was begun at 19:53, it was actually at 20:30 when the sender indicated they would be 3 minutes more. If the recipient wasn’t watching their phone and only viewed the messages all at once without swiping to see the time of the subsequent messages, they might have been concerned why the sender hadn’t shown up at 19:56 (instead of 37 minutes later).

Go ahead and try this now on any of your historical texts. Whether received or sent, you’ll be able to see the exact time of the message. How clever are you!

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