Finding your iPhone Flashlight… in a Flash

In another life maybe I’ll come back as clever as a designer working at Apple, but for now I’ll try to make myself useful by explaining the brilliant features they’ve included in the design.

Light up in one tap from your locked home screen

When your screen is locked or showing your screensaver, you can still find your flashlight or torch by tapping the icon on the lower left corner of the screen. See yellow circled image below. If the screen is black, first simply tap anywhere on the screen to bring up your screensaver and the flashlight icon. I have found that I need to give a bit more than a “tap” but less than a “press” in order to engage/disengage the light. Something of a tap that lasts a fraction of a second longer than a normal one. You’ll see the circle enlarge momentarily and feel a slight vibration as you toggle the light on or off. Easy peasy.

Illuminate from your quick menu

If your screen is unlocked (you can see your menu of apps), it’s still easy to access your flashlight. It only requires one swipe + one tap. First access your quick menu by swiping downward from the far right corner of your screen (see below left, yellow arrow). This will bring up your quick menu (see icon circled in yellow, below right). As before simply give the icon a meaningful tap.

If you don’t find your flashlight torch on your quick menu, you can add it by following the steps outlined in last week’s post.

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