Don’t Give Up on Your Old Smartphone Until You’ve Tried These Easy Tricks

If your Android or iPhone are older and have become sluggish or properly creaky, follow our top tips to speed things up. The top 3 tricks can be found in our prior post here. Below you’ll find additional simple fixes that may, well, fix the slow reaction.

  • Close background apps. Even though smartphones’ operating system and hardware have great data processing ability, it can be slowed down if you have many apps running in the background. You may need to shut down some of them not being operated for the moment. The usual suspects are music or navigation apps. Go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh and you can see what other apps are allowed to update data in the background. You can turn them on or off individually, as to your preference. I’ve chosen below right based on frequency and importance of use. For example, I’m often not able to use WiFi when I need Citymapper (a travel directions app), so I’d like that to refresh in the background.
  • Turn off automatic app downloads. Use these steps: Settings>App Store>Toggle apps option to “Off”.

  • Remove old text messages. A large number of text messages will eat up your iPhone memory and slow down it. Here’s a link to our post on how to delete text messages.

  • Empty your browser’s cache. If you’re doing lots of searches, you already know this will eat up lots of memory and slow you down. Here’s a link to our post on how to clear that cache.

  • Disable Location Services.If you have turned on the location service, apps on iPhone will continuously ask for a location using cell data. So if your network environment is not good enough, your smartphone will become slow or even stuck. If you don’t need it at the moment in time, you can disable this feature: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Turn it off completely or for certain apps.

You’ll find the final instalment on tricks to speed up your old smartphone in the very next post. Be sure to get this and all future posts directly into your inbox each week by subscribing. It’s free and we never share your data.


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