Set an Alert for Price Drops

What if your smartphone or computer could automatically track prices and alert you when an item you want has had a price drop? This is already possible now using the technology you already have. If you already have access to Chrome browser ,you may be able to take advantage of this today (without adding anyContinue reading “Set an Alert for Price Drops”

Using Google Maps to Track Friends

Does that sound ominous or nefarious? We’re not talking about surveillance but rather using technology for good. In this case sharing your location with a friend so that you can more efficiently meet up or so that they can confirm you’re safely enroute home when you’re traveling alone. If you want to track someone orContinue reading “Using Google Maps to Track Friends”

Never Say “Die” (to your Old Smartphone)

With these further tricks to help your old phone run faster, you’ll not be so quick to get rid of it just yet. If you’ve missed the prior top tips (and you really should start with those, you can find them in Parts 1 and 2 here and here, respectively. Turn on Chrome‚Äôs Lite mode.Continue reading “Never Say “Die” (to your Old Smartphone)”

Don’t Give Up on Your Old Smartphone Until You’ve Tried These Easy Tricks

If your Android or iPhone are older and have become sluggish or properly creaky, follow our top tips to speed things up. The top 3 tricks can be found in our prior post here. Below you’ll find additional simple fixes that may, well, fix the slow reaction. Close background apps. Even though smartphones’ operating systemContinue reading “Don’t Give Up on Your Old Smartphone Until You’ve Tried These Easy Tricks”

Ready to Retire Your Old Smartphone? Think Again.

Do you find your iPhone or Android has become sluggish or downright slow? Before your resign it to the scrap heap (or a reseller for less than the sum of its parts), consider trying these top 3 tricks to give it more pep. Update your operating system regularly. Why is this important? Besides ensuring you’reContinue reading “Ready to Retire Your Old Smartphone? Think Again.”

How to Delete a Text Message

If you’ve written a text message that won’t send for some reason (perhaps there’s no connectivity), it can be annoying if it goes out later once there is a connection but perhaps the message now doesn’t make sense. If you no longer want a message to go out, you can delete it. This is alsoContinue reading “How to Delete a Text Message”

How to Get Started on Facebook

Like all forms of social media, Facebook (“FB”) can be a really good thing as much as it can be an unhealthy thing. On the positive side, it’s one of the easiest ways to stay connected to your friends and family. Due to their busy schedules, many people prefer to give regular quick updates, usuallyContinue reading “How to Get Started on Facebook”