More Fun with Photos on Your iPhone

It seems every time I have a play around with the camera on my iPhone, I find another way to improve the outcome or create effects. Here we’ll look at a couple quick tricks you can try when using “Live”.

What is Live on the iPhone Camera?

With Live Photos, your iPhone will record what happens both 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 seconds after you’ve snapped a picture. It’s like a micro video.

You can choose Live Photos by opening the camera app and looking for this icon . In situ, it looks like this:

If there is a line through it, it is off. Simply tap on it (again) to activate it.

If you haven’t tried the Live option before, you can experiment by taking a shot at something that includes movement, like people or even a tree whose branches are swaying in the breeze. After you take the picture, go to Photos and select it. It should “play” automatically.

Long Exposure on iPhone Live Photos

Have you ever wondered how photographers capture a trail of lights from passing cars on their camera? Probably with significant training in the use of a professional camera, but it’s also possible to get a similar effect using Long Exposure option on Live Photos with your iPhone.

You can also use it to create “ghostly” images of passing people (or animals).

I took the picture on the left using Live Photos. Then afterward I applied “Long Exposure” which gave the ghostly effect of the young girl in the foreground, shown on the right.

To do similar, simply select your chosen picture in photos . Tap the Live icon for a drop-down menu and choose “Long Exposure” (below).

Other Options in Live Photo

By choosing Loop instead (immediately below), you can create a super short video on repeat, like the resulting image second below.

Why not have a go with your camera next time you’re in a place with moving people or objects? You might surprise yourself with talent you never knew you had! Just remember to turn off “Live” when you’re done or you’ll find you quickly use up a lot of storage space…

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