More Fun with Photos on Your iPhone

It seems every time I have a play around with the camera on my iPhone, I find another way to improve the outcome or create effects. Here we’ll look at a couple quick tricks you can try when using “Live”. What is Live on the iPhone Camera? With Live Photos,¬†your iPhone will record what happensContinue reading “More Fun with Photos on Your iPhone”

The Basics of Taking Panoramic Photos on your iPhone

Your iPhone makes it easy to take interesting photos beyond the standard options. For example, you can capture the entire sweep of your favorite beach or a stunning view from a vantage point. (If you’re looking for the basics on taking standard photos in your iPhone, you’ll find those in the previous post, with theContinue reading “The Basics of Taking Panoramic Photos on your iPhone”

Taking pictures on your iPhone: the Basics

If you’re looking to learn the basics on taking nice photos using your iPhone, then you’re in the right place. The camera function on smartphones has made huge strides in the last decade, and you’ll find that you can take pictures that are as beautiful and clear or more so than you can with aContinue reading “Taking pictures on your iPhone: the Basics”