Productivity Tips for Tabs in Chrome Browser

Some tabs are more useful than others. You can choose to “pin” an important tab in place so that it doesn’t move around with the addition of new tabs. It’s super easy to do so.

What is a Pinned Tab?

Pinning a tab on your Chrome browser is similar to doing so with a printed page on a corkboard. Pinned tabs move in front of other open tabs and stay there, making it easy to get to your most used tabs quickly.

How to Pin , Unpin or Move a Pinned Tab in Chrome

  1. Make sure you are using Chrome browser. Right-click on your desired tab then click Pin.
  2. To unpin a tab, right-click the tab and click Unpin.
  3. To move a pinned tab to a different window, again right-click on the tab and click Move tab to another window.
  4. To move it back to your original window, right-click and hover on Move tab to another window. You should get the option to choose either yet another window or the original window (see arrow below, which shows description of my original window).

It’s as easy as that. The most alert among you may have noticed there are a few other options for shortcuts found when right-clicking on a tab. For instance, you can insert a tab to the right of the one you right-click on rather than opening a new tab on the far right, which is the default. Have a play with the options you might find save you time.

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