Productivity Tips for Tabs in Chrome Browser

Some tabs are more useful than others. You can choose to “pin” an important tab in place so that it doesn’t move around with the addition of new tabs. It’s super easy to do so. What is a Pinned Tab? Pinning a tab on your Chrome browser is similar to doing so with a printedContinue reading “Productivity Tips for Tabs in Chrome Browser”

Clear your Browser’s Cache

When you run into an issue, have you been confused by the guidance to “clear your cache”? Despite sounding like something for which you’ll need to clear your calendar for the afternoon to do, in actuality it’s fairly simple. What is a Cache and Why Should I Clear It? In simple terms, a browser cacheContinue reading “Clear your Browser’s Cache”

A “Wayback Machine” for the Web

Ever wish you could somehow “retrieve” a public web page that has since been updated? Like going back via a time machine to see how site pages really were at a specific time in the past…would you believe me if I said this is possible? It is possible. For some sites and given dates. WantContinue reading “A “Wayback Machine” for the Web”

How to Add, Customize, Find and Delete Bookmarks for Your Frequently Used Web Pages

What do we mean by bookmarks that are used on the Internet? Just like when you might want to quickly find your place in a book or among printed documents and you use a bookmark or sticky tab, adding online bookmarks can help you quickly re-find important content. That’s right, you will no longer needContinue reading “How to Add, Customize, Find and Delete Bookmarks for Your Frequently Used Web Pages”

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