How to Organize Apps in Folders on iPhone

If you’ve only got a handful of apps and one or two Home Screen pages on your iPhone, you can easily remember where to find the app you’re looking for. However, once you’ve got 3, 4, 5 or more Home Screen pages filled with apps, it can make accessing them easier by using folders. It’s no harder than setting up a paper filing system and much easier to update!

What is an App Folder on iPhone?

Similar to a paper file folder, an app folder holds separate sources of information (usually with a similar theme) in one place for convenience. Using folders makes accessing apps quicker than scrolling through multiple home screen pages. For instance, you can group all your airline apps in one Travel folder. As you’ll see below, you can easily swap apps in and out of folders, make new folders and sunset others.

How to Create and Delete Folders on Your iPhone Home Screen

  1. Touch and hold the Home Screen background until the apps begin to jiggle and a minus sign appears at the top left of each. Take care at this point to avoid stray taps, which could delete an app. (Yes, I’ve done so.)
  2. To create a folder, drag an app onto another app. If you’re unsure how to move an app, see last week’s post. Imagine having all your streaming entertainment apps in one folder, making it easier to browse what to watch without having to hunt for each of the apps.
  3. Drag other apps into the folder if desired. (You can even have multiple pages of apps in the folder.)
  4. To rename the folder, touch and hold it, tap Rename or simply erase the word “Folder” and write your chosen folder name. If the apps begin to jiggle, tap the Home Screen background and try again.
  5. When you’re finished, tap Done, then tap the Home Screen background twice. See yellow circled “Airline” folder in image below.
  6. To delete a folder, tap the folder to open it. Then drag each of the apps out of it. The folder will then be deleted automatically.

How to Remove an App from its Folder

  1. Go to the Home Screen page with the folder that contains the app, then tap the folder to open it.
  2. Touch and hold the app until the apps begin to jiggle and a minus sign appears in the top left.
  3. Drag the app from the folder to the Home Screen. You can drag it to whichever page of the Home Screen that you’d prefer by moving it to the left or right edge. You may need to wait a moment for the next page to appear. Release the icon once you’re happy with its location. Tap the background to stop the apps jiggling.

As it’s so easy to create and un-create folders, you can see if using them works for you. Give it a week to fully get used to any changes before making a final decision.

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