Happy 2nd Birthday, Gransplain

To celebrate completing two years of publishing this blog, today we are taking a look back at the most popular post for each of the 2 past years.

In the past 12 months, the most read and liked post has been “Winning at Happy & Well”, which reveals the findings of a Harvard Medical School study that tracked its subjects for 6 decades. To summarize, the longtime study director, Harvard psychiatry professor George Vaillant, put it this way “There are two pillars of happiness….One is love. The other is finding a way of coping with life that does not push love away.” Moreover, “The people who were the most satisfied in their relationships at age fifty were the healthiest at age eighty.” If you’d like to (re-)read the article, you’ll find it here.

In our first year, there was a tie for most popular post… Readers found it helpful to get advice how to attach a photo from their smartphone into an email. We covered how to do so starting from the photo as well as starting from the draft email. You can find the instructions for both methods here.

Equally popular was an article covering how to get more from the life of your smartphone battery. It tells how to diagnose what programs are taking up your juice and tips how to get more out of every charge. You can access those step-by-step instructions here. See how we did that? We got 3 retrospective posts in for our 2nd birthday. Now pass around the chocolate cake, please….

In the next several posts, we’ll be talking about getting the most out of navigation apps to cut down on the friction or hassle of getting from here to there. Be sure not to miss out by subscribing below for free.

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