A “Wayback Machine” for the Web

Ever wish you could somehow “retrieve” a public web page that has since been updated? Like going back via a time machine to see how site pages really were at a specific time in the past…would you believe me if I said this is possible? It is possible. For some sites and given dates. WantContinue reading “A “Wayback Machine” for the Web”

How to Take a Screenshot on your iPhone

It couldn’t be easier to take a screenshot on your iPhone. It’s so handy to record information to use later that you may find it’s something you do as a matter of course several times a day. I know I find it easier than remembering details, memorizing mapped journeys or data sources that I regularlyContinue reading “How to Take a Screenshot on your iPhone”

How to Take a Screenshot on your Computer

It’s easier than you might think to take as screenshot or “screen grab” to save a record of whatever is showing on your screen. We’ll take you through several ways you can do so. Two methods will allow you to grab and save just what is visible on your screen, and we’ll also go overContinue reading “How to Take a Screenshot on your Computer”