How to Take a Screenshot on your iPhone

It couldn’t be easier to take a screenshot on your iPhone. It’s so handy to record information to use later that you may find it’s something you do as a matter of course several times a day. I know I find it easier than remembering details, memorizing mapped journeys or data sources that I regularly take and save screenshots.

Taking a screengrab can also give you peace of mind as a back-up if you think you might later be without strong internet connection. Have you ever been caught out part way through a journey and wanting to see next steps only to find that there’s no data connection? I avoid the stress by taking screenshots of key points in my journey. If I lose internet connection, I simply refer back to my photos and carry on.

This also avoids the need to waste paper and ink by needlessly printing out directions. Ditto with e-tickets and QR codes. It’s so simple to grab a screenshot and present this quickly and easily to the gatekeeper rather than being that person who holds up the line by fumbling about trying to find and access the e-ticket attached to an email.

How to Take a Screenshot

Simply go to the page and position it as you’d like to capture it. Then simultaneously squeeze the “volume up” button at the same time as the on/off button. The “volume up” button is found at the left side of your handset (not screen). There are two buttons on the left side, and volume up is, well, the upper one. The on/off button is on the right side of the handset (not the screen). If you are not careful and press only the on/off or the on/off with the lower button (hey, I do this all the time because I’m not looking), you will instead lock the phone. You can unlock it by pressing just the on/off button on the right and swiping to unlock.

Once you have successfully taken the screen shot, you will see it shrink down to a small rectangle and momentarily “land” in the lower left hand of your screen. If you’re quick you can tap it to bring up the options to edit or save it. If you’re not quick enough, it will “disappear” from your screen, but don’t worry, it has simply been stored to your photos and will be at the top of “Recents”.

How to Edit your Screenshot

Either tap on the screenshot before it disappears from your screen or go into home screen to select your photos. The icon looks like this:

Find your photo at the top. If you’re shown files, choose “Recents” and find it at the top. Select, and choose the Edit button (found on top right, as shown below):

If you’d like to mark it up (for example circling the destination), choose Edit, then select the three dots in a circle at the top right (circled, see below left). Then tap on “Markup” (below middle), then choose your desired pen thickness and color. (below left). You can get rid of any errors with the pink-topped “eraser pen” in the middle (image below left). When you’re happy, click “Done” (top left corner).

How to Upload your Screenshot

Once you’re happy with your screenshot you can upload it to an email, message or elsewhere. Choose the upload icon (see image below), then follow the prompts for where you’d like to use it. Note there may be more options under “Other” at the far left if you swipe along the options.

You can make an image easier to find by adding it to “Favorites” by tapping the heart symbol, as shown below. The heart shape will fill in. If you no longer want it as a Favorite, simply tap the heart icon again and it will return to outline shape only.

Alternatively, you can get rid of the image whilst it’s on your screen by tapping the rubbish bin (below left, circled in image below):

That’s it, now you are a master at taking, editing and saving screenshots on your smartphone.

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