Now Where Did That Message Go?

Have you ever frittered away time scrolling through historical messages on your phone looking for that one piece of information you know you’ve already been told? How much time do you waste before you give up and ask the person again for their address, travel dates, recipe or other needed information? There is a betterContinue reading “Now Where Did That Message Go?”

Record and Share Voice Memos

There may be times when something important is being said to you, and you know you cannot take notes fast enough to capture the important points. A medical appointment is a good example. Using the voice recordings app that comes pre-loaded on your iPhone, you can easily capture the conversation without sacrificing active listening. ThisContinue reading “Record and Share Voice Memos”

Attaching Photos to Messages

Whether you’re looking to attach a photo to a text message or use another messaging app like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, adding a picture is easy. Here we’ll review the simple steps as well as help with troubleshooting just in case. Adding a Photo to a Text Message The first thing to do is decideContinue reading “Attaching Photos to Messages”